Rally Pitch

Pitching like never before

Our event mission

Entrepreneurial  ride

No guts, no glory.

No risk, no reward.
our event promise

Exclusive Experience

Experiences and stories you will never forget.

Entrepreneurial ride #1

Olli had pitched in many events before Rally Pitch.

He was the first bold fellow to pitch in a Rally car. Watch 360 VR Video

Investor Improved

Many business veterans have done it all.

We double dare you to do this. Watch 360 VR Video

In the line of fire

Our fearless Host and Master of Ceremony

is of course battle tested as well! Watch 360 VR Video

Keeping it together

How did it feel? Will you attend next year?

Simple and harmless sports questions… …Few seconds after the adrenalin rush! Watch Interview

Master’s degree

The Mighty Eagle, Peter Vesterbacka took his fastest flight on dirt road so far.

Leading by example makes always sense. Watch Interview

Lady in distress?

Is it wise to do social media while Rally Pitching?

What make-up is best when car is heated like sauna? Don’t worry. It’s almost safe. You can do it. Watch Interview

A few things to clarify


We provide 360 VR Live Streams and entertaining public broadcast format.


For better or for worse.

The whole world is watching. Watch 360 VR Video


Do not be fooled. This is not a circus.

Serious business is happening in Rally Pitch.

Yes, I Fear Not!

Count me IN!

Can you agree to the following terms?

  1. After long and hard consideration, I am willing to clear my calendar for one day and travel to Jyväskylä, Finland for 1st August 2019 and get myself a place to stay there.
  2. From all registered applicants, The organizers will pre-select 8-10 startups (by 5th July) who will get the ride of their lifetime and receive all the media buzz to them.
  3. All applicants who shall receive our invitation (and actually will show up), still have a solid chance to make it to the race!
  4. I understand that it will not be entirely free of charge to be driven around in a real WRC rally car operated by a real world champion. A modest sum of 200€ + VAT 24% is required to guarantee the actual competition spot and 400€ + VAT 24% for investors.